VLT® HVAC Drive FC 100

VLT® HVAC Drive FC 100

VLT® HVAC Drive FC 100

Features and User Benefits

Energy Savings
– Energy savings of 50 to 70% are common when compared with constant flow systems
– When compared with other methods of flow control, savings to 40% typical

Harmonics Control
All VLT HVAC Drives have dual D-link reactors, which provide a reduction in input harmonics equal to a 5% A line reactor without the voltage drop and efficiency losses associated with AC line reactors

EMI/RFI Control
– All VLT HVAC Drives are designed to contain and control EMI and RFI to stringent European standard EN61800-3
– Additional filtering options are availale for even the most sensitive installations

Intelligent Control and Comfort
Compatible with Virtually all Building Automation Systems

USB Connectivity
The VLT HVAC Drive can be remote commissioned and monitored through a USB connection.

Built-In Serial Communications
– Built-in serial communication for Modbus RTU, Johnson Controls Metasys® N2, and Siemens Apogee® FLN
– BACnet™ and LonWorks® available as option cards
– Standard EIA-485 interface
– Ease of installation and operation

Software Downloads
MCT 10 Motion Control Tool
MCT 31 Harmonics Calculation Tool
VLT Energy Box

Reduction in Maintenance Costs
– Inherent soft start eliminates the stress on belts, compressors, and other driven equipment caused by across-the-line motor starting
– Amount of make-up water and its treatment costs are reduced in cooling towers
– The need to trim impellers on oversized pumps may be eliminated- Any oversized system can be fine tuned by setting the maximum speed to the maximum desired flow rate

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