Mixer/ Re- Circulation Pump

Mixer/ Re- Circulation Pump

Mixer/ Re- Circulation Pump


Flow upto: 4.25 m3/hr
Head upto: –
Temperature: up to 40°C
Delivery Size: –

Product / design features

Submerged operating mode: S1
Protection class: IP 68
Two- stage planetary gear with exchangeable second planetary gear
Permanently lubricated anti- friction bearing
Max. Submersion depth: 12.5 m

Optional features

Stationary/ flexible installation via lowering device
Can be swivelled horizontally for installation with lowering device installation with stand allows free placement in basin
Single- stage planetary gear

Material of construction

Engineering Plastic
Grey Cast Iron


Swirling of deposits and solids destruction of floating sludge layers
Activated sludge tanks for creation of fluid current
Homogenisation and prevention of floating sludge layer
Industry, agriculture & water supply

Prime movers

Electric motors

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