LENO™ family balancing valves

LENO™ family balancing valves

LENO™ family balancing valves

LENO™ MSV-BD is designed with you in mind.

1. Easy mounting
Space inside buildings is money. The LENO™ is very compact and the handle is easy to remove so you need very little room for the installation. Conventional balancing valves need to be mounted in straight pipe to ensure accurate measurement. The LENO™ can be placed anywhere, for example just after an elbow, without influencing its accuracy.

2. Easy and accurate measuring
LENO™ has measuring nipples on a measuring station so they are always accessible. The digital scale is also readable from all angles. Furthermore, the precision of the valve is independent of the setting and much more precise than competing solutions. Danfoss also introduces a high-tech measuring device. The PFM4000 allows you to carry out the measurements with either Bluetooth or wireless technology which saves a lot of time.

3. Easy set point locking
A simple tap on the top of the handle is enough to lock the LENO’s setting. For more convenience we ship the LENO™ MSV-BD with a green disposable key for unlocking. Simply press the green latch and the valve is unlocked. To make LENO™ tamper-proof a plastic tie wrap (accessory) can be inserted, making it easily visible when the valve has been tampered with.

4. Easy shut-off function
When the LENO™ MSV-BD is locked, the valve becomes a ball valve. This feature has several advantages:
the valve has zero leakage, opening and closing
the valve is much easier because it takes only a quarter turn and closing the valve will not influence the setting in any way because the setting mechanism and the shut-off mechanism are completely separate.
The position of the LENO™ (open or closed) is clearly shown by a red indicator.

5. Easy and practical draining
LENO™ MSV-BD has a built-in drain tap. To drain you can turn one of the measuring nipples with a 13 mm spanner. When the LENO™ is closed, you can even choose from which side of the valve you want to drain by selecting the appropriate measuring nipple, saving you the expense of mounting additional drain taps.

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